Now, We Wait.

I hope all of you are practicing your social distancing. Anything we can do to get things under control and bring back normalcy to our lives is a good step.

The Rainiers have sent all the front office employees home, of course. We even closed the team store – although the website is open for online orders.

We’re just waiting, like everyone else, for time to pass and the spread of the coronavirus to slow down.

As for baseball games, we in Triple-A will operate in the footsteps of MLB. Eventually the spring camps will re-open for the players. Some exhibition games will be loosely organized, the government will permit large gatherings once again, MLB and PCL schedules will be hastily thrown together, and a new season will begin.

That’s the hope, anyway. Let’s keep following advice from our health professionals and try to prevent as much further spread of the disease as possible.

When baseball does return, we are really going to need it.


Not real sure what we’re going to do on this blog during the hiatus. If any baseball news develops, we’ll have it here of course. I thought about making it a personal space and tell you what books I’m reading and music I’m enjoying the most during The Distancing, but that’s not really what any of us are here for.

Maybe we should try a questions and answers post? Let’s see if that works. If you have a question or two, fire ’em off:

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