Happy Holidays To All

It’s that time of the year again, when minor league baseball offices close down for the holidays and front office workers get some rest until the new year. Then everybody shows up on January 2nd and says “wait, there are only how many days left until opening day? Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!”

The Rainiers office closes today and will re-open January 2nd. However, the team store is still open on holiday hours through Saturday if you need to do some shopping.

Not much baseball news going around right now. The Mariners did officially announce the signing of free agent reliever Juan Nicasio, which was reported several days ago but was in limbo until he took and passed his physical, which he has now done.

There are still a few big free agent names out there, but as far as I have seen the Mariners have not been linked to any of them. I thought they might have some interest in Yu Darvish, and perhaps they do, but Darvish is in an odd spot: his outstanding track record commands a very large contract, yet everyone’s most recent memory is those two bad starts he had in the World Series.

If the Mariners do make any substantial moves between now and the new year, I’ll chime in with a blog post here. If not, we are going dark until 2018 – when we will start looking forward to a new year of Tacoma Rainiers baseball.

Have a great holiday season!



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