M’s Make Push For Ohtani

The Seattle Mariners are making their run at Japanese superstar Shohei Ohtani this week, hoping to score a huge win before the Winter Meetings get underway on Monday.

Ohtani narrowed his list of teams down to seven, and the M’s made the cut. Seattle’s contingent had its meeting with Ohtani in Los Angeles yesterday, making the big recruiting push.

Reportedly Ohtani meets with his final team today, and then… I don’t know what happens next. He might visit two or three of the cities? There is a deadline for him to sign, which I believe is December 23. It’s possible he could make a snap decision before this week is complete.

Personally, I feel this is going to come down to Mariners vs. Padres. The Padres are no joke as a contender, as revealed in this story.


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