All-Star Batting Practice Open To Public Today (Totally Free!)

That Home Run Derby last night was a blast – gotta admit, it was much better than I was expecting.

Big credit to all of the participants for making it entertaining, and congratulations to Pawtucket’s Bryce Brentz for winning the belt. Dan Vogelbach gave him a great run, and hit some long ones (over the scoreboard in right-center!), but took second place.

(My favorite homer of the Derby was Richie Shaffer‘s shot which hit the ‘R’ atop the R-Yard in left field. First time I’ve seen that.)

Today the All-Stars from both leagues take batting practice and have an autograph signing – and it is open to the public and totally free. Free parking, free entry, just come on in and watch the workouts.

The PCL hits first at 3:15, and the International League follows about 4:00-ish. Everything winds down around 5:00. There is a private party elsewhere in Tacoma for the All-Stars tonight, and then tomorrow is game day.

Home Run Derby coverage:

That’s it for today – it’s time for me to start gathering information on these all-stars for tomorrow’s broadcast.


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