Upcoming Plans & Latest Mariners Links

We’re down to the last ten days or so of spring training, and the Mariners opening day roster is starting to take form.

With the end of the World Baseball Classic yesterday (wooooo USA!), teams will have all of their player back in camp and the final steps will be taken to pare down big league rosters.

Seattle had an unexpected development this week, with utility infielder Shawn O’Malley suddenly needing an appendectomy. He’s OK, but it is unknown how quickly he’ll return to peak performance.

This may clear the path for Tyler Motter to be the utility man to open the season, with the Mariners then carrying an eight-man bullpen. More on this in the links below.

Meanwhile the Rainiers roster will take shape.

I’ll be in Peoria watching Rainiers spring training early next week, and activity on this blog is going to pick up. You can expect daily posts on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in the late afternoon after I get back from watching the Triple-A exhibition games.

Then we’ll be just days away from the start of the Mariners season, and a week out from the Rainiers.

So, lots coming up – including the free Rainiers Pre-Season Party this Saturday from 1:00 to 4:00 at Cheney Stadium. Don’t miss it.



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