MLB Playoffs Start Today

The Major League Baseball postseason begins tonight, and the very first game is going to hurt a little.

The playoffs open with the American League Wild Card Game tonight at 5, and this is the game we were hoping the Mariners would be in. Instead, we have the Baltimore Orioles at the Toronto Blue Jays, with the winner advancing to the Division Series at Texas on Thursday. Boston plays Cleveland in the other AL Division Series, which also starts on Thursday.

In the National League, the Wild Card Game is Wednesday at 5. San Francisco plays the Mets in New York with the winner advancing to the NL Division Series against the Cubs on Friday. The other NL Division Series also starts Friday, with the Dodgers facing the Nationals.

Friday is going to be a great day for coach potatoes: playoff baseball from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Let’s enjoy these wild card games, and on Thursday I’ll post my annual sure-to-be-wrong Playoff Predictions.


Coming Thursday: playoff predictions which will certainly be wrong!


3 Responses to MLB Playoffs Start Today

  1. Didn’t read Dutton’s comments but if I had to pick one reason the M’s didn’t make it is inconsistent shortstop play. That seems to me to be the biggest reason. Might have been different with Cozart. Not really an M’s fan after they leave Tacoma. I only follow a few like Sucre and Zunino. The last 5 innings Sat night was the most that I have watched the M’s all year.

  2. Richard Leach says:

    Are you coining a phrase, “coach potato”? Is that where you lie on your couch for hours and second guess the coaches?

  3. Geo says:

    The Brad Miller trade is looking pretty bad. Dipoto can’t go into another season relying on only one unproven SS with little depth in the high minors.

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