Wild Card Weekend

The American League wild card chase has been an interesting follow, to say the least. Just when you think the Mariners are out of it, they’re back in it.

After the Mariners lost the first two games to Toronto on Monday and Tuesday, it appeared that all was lost.

But then they won on Wednesday afternoon, and nearly everything that could happen to help Seattle did happen on Wednesday and Thursday nights (with the exception of Detroit sweeping the Twins in a DH yesterday).

Heading into the weekend, here are the AL Wild Card standings:

TOR (83-69) +1

DET (82-70)  —

BAL (82-71)  0.5

HOU (81-71) 1.5

SEA (80-72)    2

NYY (79-73)    3

The schedules for the six teams:

Toronto: vs. NYY (4), vs. BAL (3), @BOS (3)

Detroit: vs. KC (3), vs. CLE (4), @ATL (3)

Baltimore: vs. AZ (3), @TOR (3), @NYY (3)

Houston: vs. LAA (3), vs. SEA (3), @LAA (3)

Seattle: @MIN (3), @HOU (3), vs. OAK (4)

New York: @TOR (4), vs. BOS (3), vs. BAL (3)

It looks like Toronto and New York have the toughest schedules, while the Astros and Mariners have the easiest.

You can pinpoint series in which teams need to clean up against poor opponents. Seattle starts one tonight at Minnesota, the Orioles have to get some wins against Arizona before running the gauntlet to the finish line, and Detroit ends the year with three games against the hapless Braves.

This will be fun to follow the next few days. For starters, let’s see if the M’s can win the series at Minnesota.


It’s going to be a fun weekend to follow the pennant race.


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