Did You Have a Nice Offseason?

The offseason is over, you guys. Baseball starts this weekend – for real.

Major League Baseball’s Opening Day is Sunday. There are four three games nationally televised that we can watch.

The Mariners opener is Monday afternoon, on the road at Texas. 1:00 (Pacific) first pitch.

Here in Tacoma, the Rainiers arrive in town on Sunday afternoon. The players will get settled in on Sunday evening, and then manager Pat Listach has scheduled a series of workouts at Cheney Stadium beginning on Monday. Tacoma hosts Albuquerque in the season opener on Thursday night at 7:05.

We should have a tentative Rainiers opening day roster for your perusal on either Sunday afternoon or Monday morning. I’ll post it on here the blog when it comes through.

The third episode of the Seattle System Scoop podcast is now available – it’s right here.

It’s our new podcast with all five Mariners minor league broadcasters. It was my turn to host and I attempted to turn the conversation towards some of the more fun aspects of being a minor league broadcaster.

I had to turn my mic off because I was laughing too much during Dan Besbris’ description of his home ballpark at Class-A Bakersfield. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this episode.


Have a great weekend and get ready for some baseball!


One Response to Did You Have a Nice Offseason?

  1. Dave says:

    Historic Sam Lynn Ballpark is always good for a laugh or two… Followed by a “They still play baseball there?” expression of disbelief

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