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It was a quiet weekend in the Mariners world – this is the brief portion of the calendar when many baseball people take some time off – so let’s do something different today: a book recommendation.

During an Amazon shopping spree I impulsively bought a slim little hardcover called “The Grind – Inside Baseball’s Endless Season,” by Washington Post baseball writer Barry Svrluga. Svrluga (note: I haven’t the foggiest idea how to pronounce that, and I have to look it up every time just to spell it) takes a unique look inside the game.

Utilizing his experience as a beat writer covering the 2014 Washington Nationals, Svrluga focuses on nine different people who are each part of the relentless day-after-day grind that is professional baseball.

The book includes chapters on the star everyday player, the reliever, the scout, and the team travel guy. You get a real behind-the-scenes look into what happens prior to the first pitch.

I particularly enjoyed the chapters called “The Wife” and “The Twenty-sixth Man.” The look at what a player’s wife goes through is illuminating, and here at the Triple-A level we know all about the 26th man who goes back-and-forth between the minor and majors several times in the same season.

The writing style is clean and direct, as you would expect from a newspaper reporter. Svrluga was granted a lot of inside access. I give this book two thumbs up, and it might make a nice gift for yourself or the other total baseball nut in your family.


Check back on Wednesday when we’ll lay out some future blog plans.


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  1. Kevin Shannon says:

    Great stuff Mike! I do have add something though. The first use of “Hasslemania” was from a sign two fans, John and Jeff (Jeff was also the fan who was fortunate to catch Tino Martinez’ most famous Mariner homer) who planted themselves out in left-center at the Kingdome, with their sign expressing their passion for the the M’s backup catcher. The scoreboard operator caught up later.

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