Montero’s Club Record

It occurred to me over the weekend – while watching Jesus Montero get robbed of a three-run homer by Mike Trout in what is probably the catch of the year – that we hadn’t properly credited Montero’s new team record here on the blog.

On the final day of the PCL season, Montero went 2-for-2 with a homer and was pulled from the game, leaving his final batting average at .355. He had entered the game with an average of .352.

Montero’s final, official batting average of .355 is the highest in Tacoma franchise history (dating to 1960) for a batter who had enough plate appearances to qualify for the league leaders. He broke Brian Raabe‘s mark of .352, set in 1997.

Here’s a look at the updates Top Ten Batting Averages in Tacoma franchise history:

Montero, Jesus 2015 .355
Raabe, Brian 1997 .352
Neel, Troy 1992 .351
Gray, Gary 1980 .335
Bostock, Lyman 1974 .333
Holt, Jim 1972 .333
Davis, Brock 1970 .332
Moore, Kelvin 1981 .327
Fanzone, Carmen 1971 .327
Powell, Hosken 1977 .326

Troy Neel in 1992 remains the only Tacoma player to ever win a PCL batting title. Montero finished second this year, to Omaha’s Jose Martinez (Carmelo’s kid) who set a modern-era PCL record by hitting .384.

Raabe had a 17-year run in the top spot on the list. I wonder how long Montero will hold the No. 1 position.

(Quick shout-out to No. 4 Gary Gray, who has one of those rare names that is a total breeze for broadcasters but a nightmare for newspaper writers and editors!)

Apparently the Mariners search for a new General Manager is about over, with most of the rumors this morning focused on former Angels GM Jerry Dipoto. We’ll wait for an official announcement, which could come later today or tomorrow.


If this GM situation gets resolved later today, we’ll have a fresh post with all of the pertinent links tomorrow. Otherwise, our next post will come on Wednesday.


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  1. Jim Eggers says:

    Mike: just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your blog. As a Spokane native I grew up going to Indians game, and am still a big fan of PCL baseball. I get over to Tacoma 2 or 3 times a year for games, and still like “scouting” the teams to see who will make it to the show.

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