Spring Training In Tacoma?

Down in Peoria, Arizona, the Seattle Mariners intended to play their first intrasquad game today.

It was rained out.

Meanwhile, it is nice and sunny here at the Tacoma Rainiers North End Satellite Office (aka my house), and the weather has been quite nice here for most of the last ten days.

We should have spring training in Tacoma. OK, that’s probably not a good idea – but at least we would have gotten today’s intrasquad game played.

Exhibition games start for real on Wednesday, when the Mariners play the Padres in the annual charity game in Peoria, which does not count as an actual exhibition game, so it is a pre-exhibition game of sorts. Whatever – it’s a baseball game. With uniforms, fans, umpires, and everything. Wednesday.

In the meantime, here is a boatload of links:

Next update will be Wednesday.


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