First Round Of Spring Training News

We’ve got a weekend of spring training under our belts, baseball is in the air, and the stories are starting to flow.

Pitchers and catchers reported to camps around Florida and Arizona last week, with the Mariners starting on Friday. Mariners position players are required to report tomorrow.

So far, so good from M’s camp. James Paxton has a stiff wrist and won’t throw for a few days – there’s your injury update.

That’s the bad news – things could be a lot worse, you know. Just across the desert in Glendale, the Chicago White Sox are having a scorpion problem. Yikes!

We have lots of news stories from the weekend, so let’s get to them.


Check back on Wednesday for a new update.

* just did a search and apparently I’ve never written about the time Gipson stole home. We’ll have to get to that soon!


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