2 1/2 Weeks

Tough weekend, eh? Certainly not what I expected out of Super Bowl Sunday. And now we have to wait 17 more days before Spring Training starts.

Getting to baseball, for older Tacoma fans let’s take a moment to remember a longtime opponent in the visiting dugout.

Rocky Bridges passed away in Coeur d’Alene at the age of 87. While he’s mostly known for his long career as a back-up infielder in the major leagues, he later became one of the longest-running Pacific Coast League managers of the modern era.

Bridges managed 12 full seasons in the PCL – mostly with the San Francisco Giants affiliate. He managed the Hawaii Islanders in 1972 and part of 1973 before starting his nine-year term piloting the Phoenix Giants from 1974 through 1982. Bridges returned for one last year in the PCL in 1987, with Vancouver. He won one PCL Championship – in 1977, with Phoenix.

All of this occurred well before my time in the PCL, but if you happen to bump into Stan Naccarato around town I bet he has some Rocky Bridges stories – Bridges was known for having a steady stream of one-liners, and was the favorite manager of many players.

We’ll get back to the upcoming season on Wednesday, when we take a look at the 2015 Tacoma outfield situation. Lots of uncertainty in this group.



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