Unproductive Weekend

The Mariners missed out on a couple of free agents players of note this weekend – one major leaguer, and one minor leaguer.

There were plenty of reports that the Mariners were serious players for veteran outfielder Melky Cabrera, but Melky had other offers, too – and he decided to sign with the Chicago White Sox.

The White Sox have been extremely aggressive this off-season, trying to turn a 75-win team into a wild card (or even division title?) contender. Melky is a great add for them – just like he would’ve been for the Mariners.

Then at the Triple-A level, 2014 Tacoma Rainiers all-star infielder Gabriel Noriega signed as a free agent with the Kansas City Royals. It’s a minor league deal that probably includes an invitation to major league spring training.

The Mariners signed Noriega as a teenager and he worked his way up to Triple-A, but was not added to the 40-man roster. Because he’s played six full seasons in the minors, he was granted free agency.

I assume that the Mariners tried to re-sign him (we could certainly use him in Tacoma), but Noriega probably looked at the situation like this: both Brad Miller and Chris Taylor shot past him and reached the majors, and Ketel Marte is going to be the Triple-A shortstop and is one of the organization’s top prospects, Kyle Seager just signed for $100 million, Robinson Cano is here forever… it’s time to try a different organization with more potential for upward mobility.

Hopefully Noriega will get a shot at the big leagues with the Royals.


Next update: Wednesday. That last link gave me an idea…

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