Breaking Form For A Crazy Deal

We created this blog about five seasons ago with the intent for it to be a place to get information about the on-the-diamond Tacoma Rainiers. Information about things the Rainiers are selling can be found elsewhere and we don’t do that in this space.

Except we are today, because this “We R Family” deal that the team is currently marketing is amazing.

For a total of $250, you get as many as eight tickets for every Monday-through-Thursday game during the 2015 season.

There are 36 weekday games on the schedule, but a family of four only needs to attend five games to break even on the total cost. Attend more than five games and you are saving money on the get-in price.

On top of that, the 2015 schedule is very family (and weather) friendly this season: only nine of the midweek games are during April and May when school is in session – meaning that 27 of the available dates for this plan are in June, July, and August.

Up to eight people, for as many as 36 games, for a flat fee of $250.

That is a crazy deal. More information is here.


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Have a great holiday weekend!


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