Omaha Wins Triple-A Title; PCL Affiliations Changing

The Omaha Storm Chasers won their second straight Triple-A National Championship Game, defeating Pawtucket on Tuesday night 4-2.

The annual meeting between the PCL and International League champs is played at a revolving neutral site. This year’s game was held at the new ballpark in Charlotte, NC.

The game was tied 2-2 in the top of the seventh inning when Omaha catcher Brett Hayes launched a two-run homer. That proved to be the game-winner, as the Omaha bullpen nailed it down.

Kansas City Royals pitching prospects Christian Binford and Kyle Zimmer both shined in the contest, which was marred by a 1 hour, 46 minute rain delay in the fifth inning.

Congratulations to the Omaha Storm Chasers on winning the whole ball of wax. They had a tremendous season.

The affiliation shuffle in the PCL is underway.

  • The Sacramento River Cats have officially given the Oakland A’s the boot, and it seems likely that they will sign on with the San Francisco Giants. This decision by Sacramento is driven by ticket sales: the River Cats feel that the Giants have a larger fan base in Sacramento. However, the River Cats are getting a lot of backlash.
  • The long rumored Dodgers-to-Oklahoma City move is done. The Dodgers left Albuquerque for a more pitcher-friendly ballpark and conference. This makes sense from a player development standpoint, since the Dodgers play in one of the best pitcher’s parks in the majors and Albuquerque plays in a launching pad. The Dodgers also switched their Double-A affiliation to Tulsa – apparently LA is trying to annex Oklahoma.
  • Albuquerque quickly hooked up with the Colorado Rockies, which seems like a perfect match. The Rockies still get the developmental advantage of having their pitching prospects work at high elevation while taking a huge step up in quality of ballpark.
  • The Rockies leaving Colorado Springs is a big issue going forward for the Sky Sox. It appears they are likely to land either the Brewers, Astros, or A’s. None of those seem like good marketing/geographical matches. However, we do have eight fun facts about the Sky Sox.
  • Nashville is moving into a new downtown ballpark and their affiliation is up for grabs.
  • The Chicago Cubs and Iowa Cubs extended their affiliation through 2018.


  • The Omaha newspaper has reaction from Charlotte on the Storm Chasers winning the Triple-A title.
  • The Mariners got back on the horse and raced to a 13-2 win at Los Angeles Of Anaheim. It was a big day in the race for the wild card(s), as the Mariners closed the gap on all three teams they are chasing.
  • You can find some details about playoff tickets in Bob Dutton’s Mariners notebook.
  • Jim Caple has a story on the impact Robinson Cano has had on the Mariners.
  • John Sickels reviewed his preseason Mariners prospect list.
  • Former PCL slugger & Rainiers killer Chris Carter is having a breakout season with the Houston Astros, and Jonah Keri tried to figure out how.

Lots of stuff going on with the affiliations right now, as several PCL teams are still possible changing. Stay tuned for more…


3 Responses to Omaha Wins Triple-A Title; PCL Affiliations Changing

  1. Aly Edge says:

    I always enjoy watching the minor league merry-go-round. Colorado ditching Colorado Springs kinda rocks my world (no pun intended). It’d be like the Mariners cutting ties with Tacoma, which I hope never ever ever ever happens.

  2. DaveH says:

    So when a minor league affiliate changes its allegiance to a different major league team, does the prior MLB team lose all the prospects who are playing on its old minor league affiliate?

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