Triple-A All-Star Game Today

Four Tacoma Rainiers will take the field when the Pacific Coast League takes on the International League in the Triple-A All-Star Game today at 4:00 (Pacific) in Durham, North Carolina.

Tacoma will be represented by infielders Chris Taylor, Gabriel Noriega, and Nick Franklin along with relief pitcher Logan Kensing.

Taylor (shortstop) and Noriega (third base) were originally voted in as starters, but it turns out that all three might start because starting second baseman Arismendy Alcantara of Iowa was promoted to the Chicago Cubs, clearing a path for Franklin to start at second base.

We could have an almost-all-Tacoma infield starting the all-star game!

At any rate, with all of these Rainiers in action this could be one of the most fun Triple-A All-Star Games to watch in recent years.

The game will be televised nationally on the MLB Network, and the national radio broadcast will air on our flagship station 850 AM. While I’m not positive, I’m pretty sure that the internet radio stream will be available right here.


Below the jump, you can find the Triple-A All-Star Drinking Game.

IMPORTANT: the following is for humor purposes only. Do not attempt to actually do this!

With the help of an anonymous PCL executive who has experience creating these types of things, we present to you the Triple-A All-Star Drinking Game.

The rules are simple.

Take one drink every time:

  • The broadcasters mispronounce ‘Rainiers.’
  • They show the famous “Hit Bull, Win Steak” Bull.
  • Every time they reference the movie Bull Durham.
  • They refer to the Raleigh/Durham area as a “hotbed of college basketball.” (Drink double if they do this while showing Duke highlights).
  • They spend an entire half-inning interviewing a league president or any other ‘suit,’ distracting from the game on the field.
  • A relief pitcher comes in and faces only one batter.
  • The broadcasters say or allude to the fact that the PCL is a hitter-friendly league.
  • The broadcasters say that a player is “ranked the XX-prospect in the system.”
  • Every time the MLB Network promotes its Chris Russo show.
  • The word “Chihuahuas” is said by an announcer. Drink double if they mock the name.
  • A tweet is read on the air. Drink double if the broadcaster says the word “hashtag.”
  • They say that the Albuquerque Isotopes are named after an episode of The Simpsons.
  • An all-star is mentioned as a possible trade candidate.
  • Former IL star Derek Jeter is mentioned.
  • Former PCL star Tony Gwynn is mentioned.

Pound your drink if:

  • The broadcasters refer to a player as a “real-life Crash Davis.”
  • A Tacoma player hits a home run.
  • A Tacoma player makes a web gem that is certain to be shown on Sportscenter later.
  • Any ex-Rainiers who were in the MLB All-Star Game are mentioned (that would be Felix Hernandez, Kyle Seager, or Adam Jones).
  • Either manager uses every player available.
  • Fresno broadcaster Doug Greenwald makes his way onto the telecast, either visually or verbally.
  • Tony Gwynn is not mentioned at all during the broadcast.

If playing with a group:

  • Everyone drafts three position players – two in the starting lineup, and one who is not. Take one drink for each total base your hitters accrue, and double the total for your bench player. So if your reserve pick hits a homer, that’s eight drinks.
  • Any time International League home run king Mike Hessman is mentioned, everyone must raise their glass and say “To the King!” The last person to do this must drink, and everyone else yells “Long Live The King” while that person drinks. Do this every time Hessman is mentioned.

Drop everything, call a taxi, and go directly to El Gaucho if:

  • A player actually hits the bull with a home run.

Have a great Triple-A All-Star Game, and we’ll return to our normal programming tomorrow.


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