Mariners Reportedly Make Much-Needed Move

What a crazy morning in baseball news today. When I woke up, the news said that the talks between the Mariners and Robinson Cano had fallen apart. Less than an hour later, seemingly every news outlet in baseball was reporting that the two sides had agreed to a ten-year contract.

The Mariners are not saying anything until the deal is signed, sealed, and delivered. However, the consensus is that it is all but done.

I think it’s a great play for the Mariners, who needed to do something. This certainly qualifies as something.

The status quo was not working. The farm system was unlikely to churn out an average- or above-average player at each of the nine positions, plus a pitching staff, all during a six-year (pre-free agency) window. They were never going to get a group of 3-4 key, hand-picked cheaper free agents to sign all at once and supplement the team, unless they somehow got them all together in the same room for a Powerpoint presentation explaining how they could join forces to make it work. That’s just not realistic.

Cano changes that. Now there is a superstar offensive player to build around, plus of course Felix is still here. The other players – the complimentary players, the middle-tier free agents – they will now have a reason to come to Seattle.

Naysayers will cry, “What about the budget?” to which I reply “Who cares? I certainly don’t.” It’s not our money. The team knows its revenues and cash flow and future projections. The team also knows that if it starts winning, it will make more money. When it comes to their own finances, the Mariners know what they are doing – and if they don’t, that’s their problem. “But if they get saddled with bad contracts in the future, they’ll be unable to win!” OK, yeah, so how is that different from the last ten years?

Cano is just the start. There are plenty of reports saying this is just the beginning for the Mariners – they have more money budgeted to spend on payroll, and they will be active in trades. The Winter Meetings begin on Monday, and the rumors are going to be flowing.


What a Friday. Have a great weekend!


One Response to Mariners Reportedly Make Much-Needed Move

  1. Mike says:

    How is Cano a “superstar offensive player”, when he never hit more than 20 home runs until the New Yankee Stadium was built which inflated numbers (Curtis Granderson)? Basically they gave a David Ortiz contract to Dustin Pedroia. I really don’t see Cano as the guy who makes people come to Seattle. Wouldn’t that have been Ichiro since when he was hitting .350 he could pad your RBI stats.

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