Best Teams Advance

The World Series is set – it will be the Boston Red Sox against the St. Louis Cardinals, starting in Boston on Wednesday night at 5:00 (FOX).

There is a modern rarity here: the two teams with the best record in their respective leagues during the regular season advanced to the Word Series. This used to happen all of the time, but now that there are three rounds of playoffs with wild card teams it has become rare.

The last time the two teams with the best regular season records reached the World Series was 1999, when the Yankees played the Braves.

Boston’s Mike Carp will be the lone ex-Rainiers player in the World Series. He’s been coming off the bench during the playoffs – perhaps the NL-style games in St. Louis will create some additional opportunities for him (pinch-hitting for the pitcher, or subbing for Big Papi at first base).

This is the 1,000th blog post since the Rainiers encouraged me to start writing this thing on February 8, 2010, and we’ve had nearly 600,000 “views” with readership increasing each year.

Three posts from the past continue to get regular hits from search engines: The Felix Call-Up Story, The Simpsons At Isotopes Park, and Keeping Score.

Thanks for reading all of this time. We’ve survived a blog name change, foul balls nearly destroying the laptop I use to type these posts, poor grammar & myriad typos, and we’ve only been threatened with one lawsuit (so far). We intend to keep the blog going, thanks to you – so save that bookmark!


  • CBS national baseball writer Jon Heyman spoke with Eric Wedge and tried to get some clarity on why he walked away from the Mariners.
  • Bizarre story out from the Seattle Times news department, regarding some wire fraud between the wives of a current and former Rainiers player.
  • Ryan Divish shared his thoughts on both of the previous stories.
  • It was Daren Brown‘s turn to be featured in that massive “Greatest 21 Days” blog project. Check it out for the picture of a young Brownie if nothing else.

On Wednesday we’ll have a new post checking on Rainiers (and potential Rainiers) playing in the Winter Leagues.

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