Bad News For Hultzen

Our worst fears became reality concerning Danny Hultzen‘s shoulder. Yesterday he had surgery and it looks like he’s going to be out for a long time.

From the Mariners press release:

Hultzen underwent surgery this afternoon on his left shoulder performed by Dr. James Andrews in Pensacola, FL.

The surgery cleaned up the labrum and a partial tear of the rotator cuff, and repaired the capsule.

Danny will spend time recovering from the surgery, and will begin rehab as soon as allowed. There is no timetable at this time for his return to the mound.

Shoulder surgeries are much more difficult for pitchers to recover from than elbow surgeries. Many successful major league pitchers have seen their careers end because of shoulder surgery – Brandon Webb and Mark Mulder are some recent examples. Others, like Cardinals right-hander Chris Carpenter, thrived after shoulder surgery.

Another recent Rainiers pitcher is going through the shoulder surgery rehabilitation process right now. Michael Pineda has been out for nearly two years, but he did pitch in a few minor league games this season and the Yankees are cautiously optimistic that he’ll be able to return to the majors next season.

Hultzen has a long road ahead of him. Hopefully he’ll be able to overcome this.


Did you see the crowd at the Pirates-Reds playoff game last night? Pretty amazing. Tonight we have the Tampa Rays at Cleveland, 5:00 (TBS) in the AL Wild Card Game.

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