Mariners Season Ends, Manager Search Begins

The Mariners lost the final game of the season on Sunday afternoon, finishing with a record of 71-91. It was the last game of the three-year tenure of manager Eric Wedge.

Wedge walked away from the job saying that he did not agree with Mariners upper management on their plans moving forward. This was a surprise, after GM Jack Zduriencik had stated that he and Wedge were in agreement on everything baseball-related.

Wedge quitting isn’t an unusual move in the normal working world: he didn’t like the direction his job was going, so he quit. But for a Major League Baseball manager? That’s really unusual.

The Mariners didn’t emerge from this situation looking very good. They may have trouble drawing interest from experienced managerial candidates, so we could be looking at a rookie manager next year.

Personally, I’m hoping Daren Brown is a candidate. I’d like to see him get another shot – a full season, this time.

Three other names I’ve seen thrown out there by respected baseball writers on Twitter: ex-Mariners infielder Joey Cora, former pitching coach Bryan Price, and A’s third base coach Chip Hale. You may remember Hale: he managed Tucson to the PCL Championship in 2006.

Yesterday was supposed to be the last day of the MLB regular season, but no! Texas and Tampa finished in a tie for the final wild card spot in the American League, so they will play a rare Game 163 tonight to break the tie and see who advances to the playoffs.

Tonight’s game is at 5:00 (Pacific, televised on TBS) and the winner will fly to Cleveland and face the Indians in the do-or-die AL Wild Card Game on Wednesday.

In the NL Wild Card Game, it will be Cincinnati at Pittsburgh on Tuesday.

So, we have three days of win-or-go-home baseball. This will be fun to watch.


  • We’ll start with Ryan Divish’s season wrap-up.
  • Geoff Baker’s news story for the Seattle Times has all of the surprising quotes from Eric Wedge.
  • Larry Stone wrote that the Mariners manager position is something of a joke.
  • Jerry Brewer has a column about the disconnect in the Mariners front office.
  • It’s hard to disagree with Dave Cameron’s assessment of the Mariners season.
  • The Mariners will have the No. 6 pick in the June draft. That’s a protected slot, so they can sign free agents without losing their first round pick.
  • In case you missed it amid all of the Seahawks mania, Marlins pitcher Henderson Alvarez tossed one of baseball’s oddest no-hitters on Sunday. He was standing in the on-deck circle when he finished his no-no.
  • Nashville manager Mike Guerrero has been promoted to major league coach for 2014 by the Milwaukee Brewers.

I’m pulling for the Rays tonight.


4 Responses to Mariners Season Ends, Manager Search Begins

  1. Mark Bushnell says:

    Mike, If Jack gets an extension and hires someone not in the organization I think the new manager would clean house concerning the coaching staff. I would like Daren to be considered too but I don’t think the situation would be fair to him especially if Jack is a lame duck. You know much better than I though.

    • Mike Curto says:

      While I don’t know for sure, I don’t think that they are going to offer a 3- or 4-year contract to a new manager, which makes an internal candidate like Daren more likely.

  2. Dave Juvik says:

    Daren Brown has been faithful to the Organization, good candidate. How about Tony Defrancesco? GREAT record he has!

  3. Jeff Polite says:

    Daren Brown deserves a shot; he’s more than paid his dues. Most of the players on the current M’s roster have played for him, so there wouldn’t be any “getting acquainted” period as you would have by hiring someone outside the organization. Also, I thought he did a pretty good job as interim Mariners manager in 2010 under the circumstances he had to deal with (i.e. Chone Figgins).

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