Winter Meetings Start Next Week

Baseball’s Winter Meetings open on Monday in Nashville, Tennessee and I expect a real influx of “hot stove league” baseball news to break.

We’ve already had a taste these last few days, with major league free agents B.J. Upton (Braves) and Russell Martin (Pirates!) both signing new contracts, and the Nationals trading a top prospect to the Twins for outfielder Denard Span. As usual, we can expect more dominoes to fall during the meetings.

Personally, I don’t attend the Winter Meetings as there isn’t much of a reason for a Triple-A radio guy to go to them.

On Monday afternoon, I’ll put up a longer post on what exactly happens at the meetings – which is a lot of baseball business-related stuff, very little of which involves minor league radio guys (except for the PCL Travel Committee meeting – be nice to us, guys and gals!).


  • Geoff Baker caught up with Jack Zduriencik before the meetings.
  • Larry Stone got some feedback from player agents to find out if the moved-in fences at Safeco Field will help the Mariners attract free agents.
  • From Baseball America’s minor league transactions we learn that former Rainiers pitcher Jarrett Grube re-signed with the Angels. After being released by the Rainiers last summer, Grube finished the 2012 season with the Angels Double-A team.
  • The Sacramento Bee has a full story on new River Cats manager Steve Scarsone. He did something quite rare – after managing in the low minor for a few years, he quit baseball for six years to help raise his kids, worked in real estate, and then got back into the game. It’s not easy to leave the sport and then get back in.
  • Populous – the firm that handled the Cheney Stadium renovation – won the contract to design the new PCL ballpark in El Paso.
  • There is a lot of off-the-field drama in Reno regarding the ballpark lease and the city council. Read up on it if that’s interesting to you – but I must admit, for me it’s a TL;DR.
  • Know Your Enemy: Baseball America released it’s Top-10 Prospect lists for the Angels and A’s this week. They release these in divisional order, and their Mariners list is expected on Monday.
  • Remember that Jim Caple story on Wednesday about how he was using baseball power hitters uniform number to try to win Powerball? He was only slightly off-base – the winner used the numbers of Kansas City Royals Hall Of Famers.
  • What started as an eBay venture might be turning into a bizarre social experiment: a man is opening 14,400 packs of baseball cards live on internet TV.

Have a great weekend!


2 Responses to Winter Meetings Start Next Week

  1. Jeff says:

    New El Paso ballpark design kind of resembles Cheney; at least the main grandstand does. As far as the situation in Reno, where will they go if they decide to move; back to Tucson? Portland’s out of the question, since they don’t have a ballpark. Anyway, I doubt the Aces will be going anywhere; I’m sure there will be some “11th hour” deal agreed upon by all parties to keep them in Reno.

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