Game One Preview Stories

Game One of the World Series starts tonight at 5:07 (Fox), with Justin Verlander facing Barry Zito. Here are a few World Series preview articles I enjoyed today while doing my usual tour of baseball websites:

  • At the Seattle Times, Larry Stone writes that the story is all about the team that is rested (Detroit) against the team that had to play all seven in the NLCS (San Francisco). Note: this link includes the complete World Series schedule and pitching match-ups tacked on at the bottom.
  • Stone also has a blog post that is supposedly about ex-Mariners in the World Series, but is really just a vehicle to post the amazing Hunter Pence gif.
  • Here in Tacoma, John McGrath thinks that Detroit will look a little off-kilter due to their long layoff, so he’s picking the Giants to win the whole thing.
  • The series opens in the National League’s ballpark, so the pitchers will hit. This presents a problem for Justin Verlander, who is still looking for his first Major League hit. He’s 0-for-33 in his career.
  • Longtime San Francisco sports columnist Bruce Jenkins recalls the previous four World Series in San Francisco – dating back to 1962.
  • The Tigers have reached the Series more times than the San Francisco Giants, so their World Series history requires a Part One and a Part Two. I enjoyed the US history notes in these reviews.
  • ESPN’s David Schoenfield has dubbed this “The Darrell Evans World Series” in his list of ten reasons to watch. Evans, who I believe is one of the most underrated players in recent history, starred for both teams.
  • One of the biggest questions of the Series is, who will be the Tigers closer? Dave Cameron tried to get to the bottom of it.
  • We actually have some on-field PCL news to report today: former Arizona State University head coach Pat Murphy will manage the Tucson Padres this season, and his pitching coach will be former Tacoma Tigers right-hander Bronswell Patrick. Terry Kennedy, the Tucson manager last year and a former Rainiers hitting coach, was hired by the Cubs to be a pro scout.
  • A Class-A team has publicly offered its radio job to Bob Costas. Good luck with that one.

I can’t wait to watch – is it five o’clock yet? I think the Tigers will win Game One behind Verlander, but I stand behind my pick of the Giants to take the series.


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