In The Wake Of An All-Nighter

I’m up!

Only slept for five hours after that all-nighter. I’m not doing it again – I’ll watch the beginning of tonight’s 2:00 AM game, but when sleep hits, I’m going to bed. There will be no live blog. 

The all-nighter reminded me of college – I had to pull an all-nighter for my Shakespeare final due to circumstances I will not share here because it sets a bad example for our nation’s youth. It worked back then – I got a B+ on that final – and it worked for the Mariners last night. Let’s give them an A- for winning the season opener, getting great pitching from three different players, and timely hitting when it counted in the 11th. I docked them from a pure A strictly due to baserunning problems early in the game.

Links on this morning’s game:

  • I love it – we have the first box score of the season.
  • The Seattle Times sent Geoff Baker to Japan, and he wrote the game story.
  • Baker has two great bits in this blog post: about the importance of the game for Ichiro, and about reliever Tom Wilhelmsen who on the off-day Monday went and sat in the bleachers for the Oakland A’s vs. Hanshin Tigers exhibition game.
  • Larry Stone has his 10 Sleepy Observations from the game.
  • John McGrath had to file a column five hours before the first pitch. He decided to try to stay up and listen to the game on the radio, just like he did in his youth.

National media followed the game:

Let’s see if the M’s can make it 2-0 tonight!


One Response to In The Wake Of An All-Nighter

  1. rainierfan says:

    I dosed on and off all night trying to watch the game but I was able to see the last three innings. I slept for an hour and then got up for work. It has been extremely difficult staying awake today but well worth seeing the first game live. I dont think I will do the same for tomorrows game.

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