Train Like Seals

The Mariners season opener from Japan will be televised at 3:00 AM on Wednesday morning. After much consideration, I decided that I’m going for it: the live television experience.

I put in a practice run last night and was able to stay up until 4:30 – or what would be about the 5th inning. The problem is I could only sleep until 10:00 AM. I think the backside of watching these games is going to be the tough part, unless you regularly work the night shift and sleep from 6:00 AM – 1:00 PM or something.

This reminds me of those Tom Clancy and Vince Flynn books. The Navy Seals are trained do their special operations at 4 or 5 in the morning, when the enemies are at their lowest level of alertness. I’m going to try to condition myself to be at a higher level of alertness for these games. Let’s do it, Navy Seals style!

Is anyone else going to try to stay awake all night on Tuesday night for the opener?*

(Special note to rainierfan in the comments: just say no to Tivo for this one. It’s Opening Day!)


  • Shannon Drayer is blogging about the Mariners trip to Japan, and she posts a lot of good pictures. Check it out here.
  • I enjoyed Baker’s blog post and pictures of the high school baseball tournament he went to in Japan. A beer vendor at a high school sports event would never be allowed in the USA!
  • The jet-lagged Mariners lost their first exhibition game, 5-1, to the Hanshin Tigers.
  • Then they lost their second game, this morning to the Yomiuri Giants.
  • Art Thiel has notes on the exhibition games, including news that the Mariners owner will not be attending.
  • Larry LaRue talked to everybody on the planet about Mariners manager Eric Wedge.
  • Lash also submitted a feature on Felix Hernandez.
  • Larry Stone reminds us that it will be years before we know who won the Michael PinedaJesus Montero trade.
  • For those following the Michael Pineda velocity watch: he picked up a couple of miles and was hitting 94 yesterday. As I wrote before, he’ll be just fine.
  • Former PCL President Bill Cutler passed away at age 92. Cutler had an impact in Washington: he moved Triple-A baseball to Spokane in the 1970s. Also, he was once fired by Charlie Finley – there was a time when that was badge of honor in baseball, like being fired by George Steinbrenner or being traded for prospects by Billy Beane.
  • Former Rainiers and Mariners reliever David Pauley was signed to a minor league contract by the Los Angeles Angels. He was released by Detroit last week.
  • On Friday the Tampa Bay Rays sent ex-Rainiers reliever Josh Lueke to Triple-A Durham.
  • Just for fun – don’t read much into this – here is Tacoma’s lineup for today’s minor league spring training game. Players from any level in the organization can and do play in these games, so take this with a grain of salt but one thing I’ve noticed is that 1B/OF Joe Dunigan has been getting a lot of run with the Triple-A group lately. That might just be because Alex Liddi and Carlos Peguero are in Japan.
  • Just awesome: Jim Caple has 49 things about 49-year-old Jamie Moyer. I didn’t realize that he’s older than Mr. Met.
  • How rich do you have to be in order to drop a cool $1.5 million on this baseball card?
  • I just can’t take my eyes off the video of the Marlins psychedelic home run celebration thingamajig.
  • A Brewers prospect named Scooter Gennett hit for the cycle yesterday. If Scooter Gannett isn’t a gritty, hustling second baseman then I need to re-learn baseball.
  • Look, it’s no secret that food at sporting events is never cheap. But the $26 hot dog the Texas Rangers are selling is a little over-the-top, isn’t it?
  • On that subject, today we learned that one of the makers of “pink slime” is based in Amarillo, Texas – the home of Rainiers manager Daren Brown. I think we just found a sponsor for his radio show.
  • We leave you with the most spring training moment of the year.

We’ll be back Wednesday, I hope, with a post on the Mariners opener. I’ve got to stay on this Seals training regimen.

* I believe I just became the first baseball blogger to ever link to Krokus. Somebody alert Guinness!


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