Off To Japan

The Mariners set their 30-man travel party and flew to Japan yesterday afternoon. The play two exhibition games against Japanese teams (Saturday and Monday), and then they have the two season-opening games against Oakland on Wednesday and Thursday mornings.*

Here is the list of the 30 players the Mariners took to Japan:

  • Pitchers (14)
  • 49     BEAVAN, Blake                    
  • 35     DELABAR, Steve                  
  • 34     HERNANDEZ, Felix             
  • 18     IWAKUMA, Hisashi              
  • 23     KELLEY, Shawn                   
  • 43     LEAGUE, Brandon               
  • 45     NOESI, Hector                      
  • 50     RAMIREZ, Erasmo             
  • 59     RUFFIN, Chance                  
  • 54     WILHELMSEN, Tom            
  • 41     FURBUSH, Charlie              
  • 44     LUETGE, Lucas                    
  • 52     SHERRILL, George              
  • 38     VARGAS, Jason                    
  • Catchers (4)
  • 27     JASO, John                                   
  • 63     MONTERO, Jesus                     
  • 30     OLIVO, Miguel                              
  • 3        QUIROZ, Guillermo               
  • Infielders (7)
  • 13     ACKLEY, Dustin                     
  • 9        FIGGINS, Chone                    
  • 61     KAWASAKI, Munenori    
  • 16     LIDDI, Alex                              
  • 26     RYAN, Brendan                      
  • 15     SEAGER, Kyle                        
  • 17     SMOAK, Justin                        
  • Outfielders (5)
  • 20     CARP, Mike                           
  • 4        PEGUERO, Carlos                
  • 55     SAUNDERS, Michael           
  • 51     SUZUKI, Ichiro                      
  • 33     WELLS, Casper                     

Some of the Rainiers players who just missed out on the trip to Japan include outfielder Mike Wilson, infielders Vinnie Catricala and Luis Rodriguez, and left-handed pitcher Cesar Jimenez. Jimenez was removed from the 40-man roster and assigned to Tacoma.

Players who made the travel roster but might not make the 25-man roster for the Oakland games include Erasmo Ramirez, Guillermo Quiroz, and Carlos Peguero.

Also of note, they brought left-handed reliever Lucas Luetge with them – he’s the Rule 5 Draft guy who must make the 25-man roster or be returned to his original team, the Brewers. I see this as good news for Luetge – it would be odd for them to take him to Japan for the two exhibition games, and then return him to Milwaukee prior to the Oakland game on Wednesday.


Have a great weekend!

* I have not decided how to approach these 3:00 and 2:00 AM games. I could definitely stay up and watch the start of them, but I’d have no chance of staying awake for the whole games. Plus, I’m not so sure I want to mess up my sleep schedule that close to Rainiers opening day. On the other hand, waiting until the 7:00 pm replay seems unfulfilling. What to do, what to do?


4 Responses to Off To Japan

  1. Wayne says:

    Hey Mike,

    I’m a Blue Jays fan from Toronto but have always had a thing for your Marriners. It may have started with a funky M’s cap that I bought as a kid back in 1982. That’s neither here nor there though.

    I’ve been hearing a lot about Kyle Seager. He’s no Brett Lawrie, but the buzz around the guy is unavoidable. Can you tell me his story for 2012? Is he going to be with the team or will he be sent down? I’m coming up empty on line.



  2. rainierfan says:

    Tivo to the game and watch it on your own time.

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