Nameless No More!

We’ve been through the winter on a blog with no name*, but now we have one.

One of the things I learned this off-season is that the Rainiers front office is apparently led by Superman fans. So they came up with this new name (the old one had to go), and here we are. I’m not so sure how I feel about this “Man of Spiel” stuff – more like “Man of Spew.”

The new name was actually devised by a co-worker who went to the dentist, came back and said we should call it “Booth Decay.” One thing led to another and here we are.

I’m glad the era of the No-Name Blog is over. Let’s hit the news.


  • The Mariners are playing a spring training game in Tucson while I am on my trip to Peoria. I will *definitely* go watch the Triple-A game instead that day.
  • Larry LaRue put up an in-depth profile of Mariners pitching prospect Taijuan Walker. Don’t look for Walker in Tacoma on opening day – but we should see him some day.
  • Geoff Baker wrote about new Mariners reliever Hong-Chih Kuo, and his relationship with the late doctor of sports psychology Harvey Dorfman.
  • Huge day for players, coaches, trainers, and RG’s throughout the PCL: the last holdout from the Bad Hotel Era has upgraded for 2012. Thank you, Isotopes!
  • Here is something really cool: a video from ESPN of former Rainiers infielder Mike Morse explaining his swing.

Middle infield preview on Wednesday!

* That’s not my line. I was forced to use it against my will by the boss, even though it’s a parody of a lyric from a Neil Young ripoff band.

2 Responses to Nameless No More!

  1. michael says:

    The Mariners announced that catcher Chris Gimenez has declined an outright assignment and elected free agency. So he not coming to tacoma

  2. michael says:

    but he did signed with Pittsburgh Pirates on minor league contract accord to larry LaRue

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