Spring Eats

A week from today, Mariners pitchers and catcher will be gathering in Peoria, Arizona, checking in and taking physicals for the start of spring training. Next week!

Perhaps you are going to Peoria for a little warm-weather spring baseball action. Over at the Prospect Insider website, they do a spring training countdown, and a guy named Chris (who enjoys mocking me) posts his Peoria restaurant suggestions.

Well, here are my Peoria restaurant suggestions: In-N-Out and Chick-fil-A. Go to In-N-Out for lunch, and Chick-fil-A for dinner. If you get tired of the repetition, switch ’em up and do the filet for lunch, and grab the Double-Double for dinner. Speaking of double-doubles, if you are there on a Sunday, you get to go to In-N-Out for both meals.

Never eat breakfast, don’t worry about bringing a lot of money because this is cheap, and… you should probably learn where the nearest hospital is; you’re going to need it.

On to the Super Bowl of Links:

  • Here we have the Seattle Times news story on the signing of Carlos Guillen. Larry Stone writes that the Mariners downturn started when they traded Guillen away in 2004.
  • Geoff Baker blogs that if Guillen makes the Mariners roster, Kyle Seager will probably go back to Tacoma. As I am going to write about on Wednesday, Tacoma already has three third basemen in the mix – and that’s not including Seager. If he was in Tacoma, Seager would probably play a lot of second base.
  • More from Baker: he has a blog post on the strikeout and walk rates of Mariners hitters. This is a huge part of the Mariners offensive problems.
  • Former Rainiers left-hander Ryan Rowland-Smith signed a minor league contract with the Chicago Cubs.
  • Big respect to Billy Butler of the Kansas City Royals, winner of the Hutch Award.
  • Baseball America released its pre-season list of Top 100 draft prospects. The Mariners will have the #3 pick. Only one Washington kid on this list: #56 Clint Coulter out of Camas. Amazingly, both my high school and my college have a player on this list (the high school is the amazing part).
  • So you want to be an RG: here’s a video from Washington Nationals broadcaster Bob Carpenter, in which he gives some broadcasting tips and promotes his scorebook. As I’ve written before, I use his scorebook. 
  • The New Orleans Times-Picayune is celebrating its 175th birthday with a series of historical articles, including this one on the history of minor league baseball in the Crescent City. They once played Triple-A baseball in the Superdome!
  • Johnny Cash did it, so why not an independent minor league baseball team? The San Rafael Pacifics are playing at San Quentin State Prison. Meanwhile, the Pacifics front office just hired an experienced tickets-for-cigarettes barter representative.
  • I leave you with Jayson Stark, who reminds us that the World Series is better than the Super Bowl.

Does anybody else believe that the Monday after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday? This is something that needs to happen. If you elect me president…


5 Responses to Spring Eats

  1. rainierfan says:

    Every year we make the annual trip to spring training and we make sure we hit up In-n-out and Chick Fil-A several times. I love it because they are both right next to the stadium. Mike, you need to invest some of that RG money and build a Chick Fil-A or In-n-out in Washington.

  2. Jason S. says:

    Isn’t the day after the Super Bowl a day off for you anyhow? Well, I appreciate your lobbying for the rest of us 9-5, M-F stiffs. . .

  3. michael says:

    •Knuckleballer Charlie Haeger was supposed to be in Red Sox minor league camp but instead ripped up his elbow long-tossing over the winter. The veteran will unfortunately miss the season.

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