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Today we get word that the Tacoma Landmarks Preservation Committee is moving forward with plans to try to get the street that leads into Cheney Stadium to be named after recently departed civic leader and baseball man Clay Huntington.

I am in favor of this, and I hope it happens. As we discussed when he passed away, Clay was one of the men responsible for the building of Cheney Stadium, and bringing Triple-A baseball to Tacoma. He supported youth and professional athletics in the Tacoma area his entire lifetime.

Fellow broadcaster Bob Robertson tipped me off that he was part of a citizen’s group trying to get the idea off the ground, and now we have confirmation in John McGrath’s column.

The street – currently named South Cheyenne Street – is the one that winds around the outfield wall, past the Foss High School parking lots, and intersects at S. 19th St.

It would be a fitting honor for Clay.


  • The Mariners signed veteran relief pitcher Aaron Heilman to a minor league contract. Heilman will go to spring training and fight for a big league bullpen job. He was a solid major league reliever for several years, but he struggled in 2011. At age 33, can he bounce back? We’ll find out soon enough.
  • In his post on Heilman, Jeff Sullivan of Lookout Landing has a list of the Mariners bullpen candidates. Many of the “Legitimate Competitors” will make up the pitching staff of your 2012 Tacoma Rainiers.
  • Larry LaRue writes that Ken Griffey Jr. is being a dad.
  • Next year’s Hall of Fame ballot is going to be a never-ending story, as many known or suspected PED users will be on it. With Barry Bonds at the head of the class, the heart of this story is going to be in San Francisco – where lead baseball columnist John Shea is already conflicted about his ballot.

Still waiting for this Prince Fielder saga to play out. Is anyone else getting impatient?


2 Responses to Street Name

  1. Ken says:

    Hey Mike, Luis Antonio Jimenez did re-sign. It was in Baseball America. I enjoyed watching him at Tacoma. I know he is not the prototype major league body but it would be interesting to see him in spring training.

  2. stan says:

    And the street that enters the stadium off of Tyler should be named Naccarato Drive. I don’t think it has a name. By the way, though my first name is Stan, my last name is not Naccarato.

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