Complete 2012 Schedule Announced

The Tacoma Rainiers complete 2012 schedule is out – you can view it here.

It looks like a decent schedule; very similar to recent seasons.

Two notable changes: we open at home, which has been a rarity over the years, and we have three stints where we play the same team every day for at least a week.

That last part is very odd: we play seven straight games against Salt Lake, eight straight against Tucson, and eight in a row against Las Vegas. I wonder why they did that. What was the reasoning? Is this done on purpose?

On the plus side, a lot of teams scheduled afternoon games on getaway days. This greatly improves our travel.

Now, please allow me to dream…

If I was granted the ability to make one reasonable change to the Pacific Coast League, it would be this: let’s start the season four days earlier, and add four days off during the season. Going from one day off a month to two days off a month would be a huge lift for everybody who travels in the league. It would also benefit the fans, who would see less sleepy zombie baseball (and hear less sleepy zombie announcing).

Alternately, we could drop from 144 games to 140 games and accomplish the same thing. That would be harder to get the teams to agree on, so let’s just start four days earlier instead.

What do you say, Branch? Can I be commissioner for a day and make this change?


  • Super-awesome congratulations go out to now ex-Rainiers assistant trainer Jeremy Clipperton, who scored the head trainer job with the Memphis Redbirds. He’s been an awesome guy to work with the past two seasons, and we’ll miss him.
  • Lots of reports – though nothing official yet – that the Mariners signed left-handed reliever George Sherrill to a one-year free agent contract. A former Rainiers pitcher who was discovered toiling in independent leagues by super-scout Charlie Kerfeld, Sherrill has become one of the toughest left-handed relief specialists in the game.
  • As you know by now, the Texas Rangers won the rights to Yu Darvish. The AL West gets even tougher – but Dave Cameron tells us not to freak out.
  • The Cleveland Indians had a really great mound visit.
  • In the PCL, Ron Hassey was named manager of the New Orleans Zephyrs. A member of the 1979 Tacoma Tugs and a former Mariners coach, Hassey has – get this – never even been to New Orleans before.

With the Pujols and Darvish deals done, Prince Fielder is the last remaining superstar free agent. Please please please please…..

2 Responses to Complete 2012 Schedule Announced

  1. michael says:

    what happen to the manager last yr for new orleans z?

  2. Mike Curto says:

    I’m not sure what happened to Greg Norton. I’d guess he got a coaching job somewhere else.

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