Pujols, Pujols, Pujols

That’s all we are hearing from Dallas.

Albert Pujols is down to two teams: re-signing with his St. Louis Cardinals, or moving on to the Florida Miami Marlins.

If you are a Mariners fan, and you want the M’s to sign Prince Fielder, you need to hope that the Marlins catch Pujols.

If the Marlins lose out on Albert, they are going to make a big push for Fielder – and the Marlins have an open checkbook right now. If they wanted to, the Marlins could offer Fielder a similar amount to what they offered Pujols – and that would blow the other competitors away.

As much as I want the Mariners to sign Fielder, I still have a problem rooting for the Marlins to sign Pujols. Pujols has been one of my favorite players for ten years now – I’m in awe of his hitting talent – and it’s hard for me to picture him in anything other than a Cardinals uniform.

Stay tuned.


  • Mariners GM Jack Z,  via the Seattle Times, tells us to slow down on the whole Prince Fielder thing.
  • Larry Stone correctly says that if the Mariners do sign Fielder, they should not trade Justin Smoak. I agree entirely – this team needs more than just Fielder to start scoring runs; they need as many hitters as they can get. Fielder at 1B, Smoak at DH, and Mike Carp in LF is just fine by me.
  • Once again, here is Geoff Baker’s Mariners blog. He’s frequently updating it from the Winter Meetings.
  • It looks like Erik Bedard, a free agent, is going to sign with the Pittsburgh Pirates.
  • We’ve poked good-natured fun at the International League before, but this Scranton-as-a-homeless-team thing they have going on this year sounds like a real nightmare. This is going to be a tough, tough season for them.
  • This is kind of fun: a run-down of some of the items being marketed at the Baseball Trade Show at the Winter Meetings. I’ll take one full-body Wiffle Ball bat suit, please.

More tomorrow – we’ll have the Rule 5 Draft, I’m sure the Mariners will pick somebody in that.


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