Great Series Ends Tonight

How was that game?

Game Six of the World Series was one of the most amazing games I’ve ever seen. Note that I did not say World Series game – let’s include all of those regular season games, too.

The Cardinals were down to their last strike and needed heroics in both the ninth and tenth innings, and they got them. And then they won it on a homer in the 11th.

Hopefully you were watching this game; I’m incapable of writing any sort of quality ode to it here.

But one thought kept crossing my mind in the late innings: I was totally jealous of Joe Buck – and this is not a thought that I’ve had often. Buck got to broadcast one of the greatest World Series games, ever – it would have been so much fun to call.

Furthermore, one would presume that Buck is a Cardinals fan at heart. It was his team pulling off all of those miracles!

That must have been the greatest day of his career. Unless he likes football better than baseball; he’s called several Super Bowls.

A few items:

  • Larry Stone says that last night’s game is why we love baseball. He also says Texas will probably not recover from that one.
  • Joe Buck honored his father Jack with his call of the game-winning home run.

Game Seven tonight. This is as good as it gets in baseball – I can’t wait for 5:00. I always keep score of Game 7 (yup, I’m a total baseball geek, I know). My favorite Game 7s are: the 1-0 ten inning Jack Morris masterpiece of 1991, and the Edgar Renteria game-winner for Florida in the 11th inning in 1997.


One Response to Great Series Ends Tonight

  1. Greg says:

    Mike, I agree that Joe Buck probably is a Cardinals’ fan at heart because he is a St. Louis native, whose dad broadcast for the Cardinals forever. Given his dad, I’m sure Joe spent a fair amount of his childhood in or around the Cardinals, wouldn’t you say?


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