Adam Moore On The Rebound

Great World Series so far, huh? Two one-run games, with all kinds of strategy, and each game turning on dramatic plays. We’re looking at two very good teams capable of taking advantage of the smallest mistake made by the opponent. This has been a very compelling series so far.

Closer to home, we have good news on the Mariners depleted catching ranks.

Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times continued his series from the Arizona Fall League with an excellent story on catcher Adam Moore and his recovery from knee surgery. All systems are “go” with the knee – what this story really is about is the shortage of catching in the major leagues, and Moore’s chance to begin a long career. Some great quotes from Ted Simmons in here.

Even with a healthy Moore, the Mariners will sign an experienced back-up catcher to play in AAA this season. They don’t want to run into the depth problems of 2011 again.


4 Responses to Adam Moore On The Rebound

  1. Mark says:

    Catching has been a major problem for this organization for awhile. Still not convinced Moore is the answer. Hope so.

  2. michael says:

    I think adam moore is the answer, thought would like to see Josh Bard or Chris Giminez come back to Tacoma or a guy with MLB expierence but hasn’t played in majors or any farm system lately.. Thuoght somes guys who I am keeping eye on in winterball on my blog comes to mind Robinzon Diaz, JD Closser, Mike Rivera, Miguel Ojeda, Humberto Cota, Geronimo Gil, Raul Chavez, Edwin Bellorin, Max Ramirez, Gustavo Molina, Guillermo Quiroz, Jose Yepez if they resigned him are all guys except for Jose Yepez who have major league service time, Jose Yepez doesn’t count because he didn’t appear in any games with M’s in 2011 when he was called up & is type of catcher who might not get another chance at the majors.

  3. michael says:

    Thought i would like to see play for Tacoma Rainers in 2012 to bring back: Scott Patterson, Chris Seddon, Jarrett Grube.. Than bring in Willy Mo Pena, Lenny DiNardo, would like to bring back Randy Messanger who in playing in japan and pitching as a Starter would be great to see him come back..

  4. michael says:

    •Former Mariners pitcher Randy Messenger has agreed to a contract to return to the Hanshin Tigers in 2012,

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