World Series Starts Tomorrow

The World Series opens on Wednesday night, with the St. Louis Cardinals getting home field advantage and hosting the Texas Rangers in Game One at 5:00.

This match-up is pretty unexpected. Many thought the Rangers could repeat as AL champions, but St. Louis is a surprise team that keeps pulling off upsets. Do they have one more left in the tank?

I think the Rangers are the stronger team, with a deeper rotation and a stronger lineup, although St. Louis has the best player in the series (Albert Pujols of course).

This is a Rangers team that reached the series last year, only to lose to San Francisco. They have many returning players.

I think it’s the Rangers year. Texas, in six games, for the franchise’s first-ever World Series championship.


  • Tony LaRussa has been a focal point of the NL playoffs, and Larry Stone has an appreciation of his career.
  • John Shea writes that the 2011 Cardinals are on a very similar path as the 2010 Giants. It’s kind of eerie and might not bode well for the Rangers – I made my pick (above) before reading this story; now I want to change it!
  • Team USA went home without a medal in the Baseball World Cup, when the Bronze Medal Game was rained out and Canada was awarded the medal based on a tiebreaker formula. Rainiers reliever Scott Patterson pitched in six games in the tournament, allowing one run in 5.1 innings for a 1.69 ERA.
  • The success of the Mexican Baseball Fiesta in Tucson has generated talk that someday, down the road, Tucson might have a team in the Mexican Pacific League.
  • Over at USS Mariner, marc w delves into the advanced pitching metrics in this story about Rainiers pitcher Forrest Snow.
  • For those wondering about Matt Mangini, Greg Johns answers that question at the bottom of this Q&A.

No baseball tonight, no football tonight… might have to read a, whaddayacallit, a book?


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  1. Chris Dahl says:

    There actually IS a football game on tonight: Florida International vs Arkansas State at 5:00pm Pacific on ESPN 2.

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