Monday Roster Moves

We had some roster moves before tonight’s game in Salt Lake City (5:35 pm Pacific, RHP Chaz Roe vs. RHP Eric Jonge, 850 AM and streaming here).

Tacoma received reliever Josh Lueke and outfielder Carlos Peguero from the Mariners. Both are here and ready to play – Peguero is in the lineup.

Reliever Dan Cortes was called up to Seattle, and reliever Justin Miller was released.

Miller had been one of Tacoma’s top relievers. My understanding is that Miller’s release was a mutual decision between he and the Mariners, so that he could pursue a better major league opportunity with a different organization.

I apologize for the lack of a full blog today. There was no internet available at the hotel because they were “changing servers.” Apparently, this is going to be the Season Of Hotel Internet Problems – it was slower than dial-up all four days we were in Fresno. It’s always something – last year was the Season Of Lost Radio Guy Luggage, and two years ago was the Season I Kept Getting Sick.

Since I couldn’t get online I wandered around downtown Salt Lake City and came to the ballpark early to use the WiFi here for my game preparation. I found a nearby coffee shop I can use tomorrow if the internet is still down at the hotel, so I promise a full entry Tuesday.


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  1. Michael says:

    thought mike
    when were you planning on telling the story on juan thomas? Was it just for radio or for your blog??

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