Tickets On Sale Monday

Today’s News Tribune story about the Cheney Stadium roof stirred up some memories from when I was a kid and my dad used to take me to Giants games at Candlestick Park in San Francisco.

We had a debate that lasted for years: should we get Lower Reserved tickets, and sit under the roof, or should we get Upper Box tickets, and sit in the upper deck in the sunshine?

Candlestick could be miserably cold and windy – not just in April and May, but in July and August, too. Lower Reserved seats were under a dark, drippy roof and the wind whipped around in there. But you could sit between home plate and first base, about 30 rows up from the field, and have a terrific view.

Upper Box was the first six or eight rows of the upper deck. You had direct sunlight in Upper Box, which helped cut through the cold and was perfect if it was a warm day. But you felt like you were a mile away from the field – even if your seats were right behind the dish.

Tickets in the two areas were the same price.

Back and forth we went, in a conversation that lasted for years. I wanted Lower Reserved, to be closer to the field, as I was a kid so I didn’t care if it was cold. Dad wanted the Upper Box, and the sunshine – he didn’t care if he was farther from the field as long as he wasn’t freezing.

Eventually common sense prevailed, and we hit upon the formula that we used until the team moved out of the ‘Stick: if it was a night game, we got Lower Reserved, and if it was a day game, we went Upper Box.

Single-game Tacoma Rainiers tickets go on sale on Monday at 10:00 AM, and now you get to make these types of decisions. If you want to sit under the roof, just ask for seats under the roof – they’ll be the upper rows of the Reserved sections. If you don’t want roof, sit lower down – and if you want maximum sun, go first-base side.

Addendum: I think the home opener (April 15) is going to sell out pretty quickly, so for that game you should probably use the same strategy Dad and I used for weekend Giants-Dodgers games 25 years ago: just take whatever seats you can get.

On the field:

  • The injury bug has hit: first we heard that Matt Mangini is going to miss an unspecified amount of time with a quad injury, and now starting pitcher Mauricio Robles is on the shelf with bone chip removal from his left elbow – I guess we’ll see Robles in about June. That’s two key, young Rainiers out of action in April.
  • If you want a concise wrap-up of Mariners spring training in one easy-to-read column, Larry Stone has it for you right here.
  • On Saturday morning, Ryan Divish made an admirable attempt to sort out the Mariners bullpen situation.
  • Sorry, ladies – Matt Tuiasosopo is engaged. In this story: they had their first date at the IHOP in Round Rock, Texas. And you thought baseball was the glamorous life. (Full disclosure: IHOP is a guilty pleasure of mine – they make good pancakes!).
  • Here’s a feature on Steve Baron, who I suppose is the Mariners top young catching prospect. Baron will play in Class-A this year.
  • Do you think the Mariners are going to win in 2011? Here’s a burst of reality from Geoff Baker. This is a process that is going to take some time.

I’ve been thinking more about Rare Occurences The Rainiers Are Due For, and triple plays. I’ll write it soon.

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  1. Michael says:

    i am hoping to get ticket for opening day tommorow morning.. So will take what avaible.

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