A Fortnight Away

It’s the calm before the storm – pitchers and catchers report to spring training on February 13, with the full roster arriving on February 18. Minor league players get more time off – if they were not invited to major league camp, they report in early March.

I suspect this is going to be a quiet week here on the blog, which is a good thing because I have another writing project that I need to finish. However, we’ll start our Rainiers position-by-position breakdowns next week. I’ll do six groups of players: starting pitchers, relief pitchers, catchers, corner infielders, middle infielders, and outfielders. I’ve already started thinking about the starting pitching situation and it’s a beast.

In the meantime, there are a few Mariners and Rainiers related stories to link to – mostly as a result of the M’s FanFest, which was held this past weekend. I heard good reports from a few friends who attended.

Here are today’s links:

  • At The News Tribune, Ryan Divish caught up with Dustin Ackley at FanFest and wrote this feature.
  • John McGrath wrote a column about 19-year-old Mariners shortstop prospect Nick Franklin.
  • Larry LaRue provides a 2011 scouting report on Felix Hernandez.
  • At the Seattle Times, Larry Stone gets to the bottom of the Chone Figgins to Oakland trade rumor. My gut feeling (based on no inside information): this is dead.
  • Ex-Rainiers pitcher R.A. Dickey cashed in on his tremendous 2010 season by signing a two-year deal with the Mets. I suspect he won’t be spending all of that newfound cash on razor blades.
  • Former Rainiers third baseman Greg Dobbs signed a minor league free agent contract with the Florida Marlins. Dobbs played for Tacoma from 2004-2006, and he was voted by the fans as the third baseman on the Tacoma Rainiers Team Of The Decade.
  • I was absolutely shocked to learn that one of my favorite baseball writers, Rob Neyer, is leaving ESPN. Neyer’s espn.com column has been a staple of the web for so long, he remembers when the internet was just a series of tubes. In all seriousness, Neyer has influenced a generation of baseball writers on the web. Best of luck to my friend in his new gig – which I will link to, once I find out what it is.
  • There will be scores of these, but Dave Cameron (of Fangraphs/USS Mariner/ESPN/Wall Street Journal) wrote the first “Thanks, Rob” column I saw today.

KING 5 is out at the Cheney today, shooting stadium footage. They may have a piece on the construction in tonight’s 5:00 news.

One Response to A Fortnight Away

  1. Michael says:

    Mark Worrell who played in Tacoma for little bit in 2011 has signed with Baltimore on minor league contract…


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