Any Questions?

Over on the right-hand side there is a year-old promise of a Frequently Asked Questions, “Coming Soon!”

Well, I started typing that up. It’s mostly big-picture stuff, like “Who do you work for?” and “How did you get that crazy job, anyway?” and of course “What is an R.G.?”

And then there is my Most Frequently Asked Question of All-Time, which is “Hey Mike, I want to be a sportscaster. What do I do now?”

If you have any questions to add, please use the comments to make suggestions. I’m looking for general stuff, which will have a permanent place here on the front page.


7 Responses to Any Questions?

  1. Panda-Cow says:

    Hey Mike:

    Outside of Cheney, what are some of your favorite ballparks to call a game?

    And who were some of your favorite broadcasters growing up? Any current favorites?

    Really looking forward to 2011! Go Rainiers!

  2. Lonnie of MC says:


    If offered the gig, would you take the play-by-play job with the Mariners? I ask that only half way out of jest. 2011 is going to be rough for announcers as well as fans. Those are some mighty big shoes someone is going to have to fill.

    Most likely though, I can see a spot opening up in 2012.


  3. Mike says:

    What is your favorite Kevin Kalal “rain delay” story?

  4. Michael says:

    FYI Colorado Roockies sign Sean white to mminor league contract…

    Thought who was your favorite all time Tacoma Rainer player?

  5. Mike says:

    Where do you get all your information? Players, teams, stats, there is so much info out the when it comes to baseball. Is it all found surfing the net? How do you access it so quickly during the game?

  6. victor richardson says:

    Mike- How if at all will the outfield dimensions and height of the wall change with the renovation?

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