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Lots of things going on in the world of the Rainiers, as you have probably heard by now.

As you know if you read the newspapers, the current Dallas-based owners of the Rainiers have signed a letter of intent to enter into negotiations with a local group called The Baseball Club of Tacoma for the sale of the Tacoma Rainiers.

It could take weeks before anything is finalized – everybody from Branch Rickey to Bud Selig has to give their seal of approval. I think even Rhubarb the Reindeer has to sign off on it.  

News Tribune columnist John McGrath shared his insight on the current condition of the Tacoma franchise. Baseball writer Ryan Divish slipped into the role of investigative reporter and wrote the general news story.

Also, the TNT website has seven new photos of the Cheney Stadium construction project, including shots of the roof being built. These pictures are far better than anything I’ve been able to do – check ’em out.*

Plenty of other things going on, too:

  • The Mariners and their broadcast partners have begun the process of deciding how they are going to fill the Dave Niehaus void. It’s a very delicate and difficult situation for the M’s. Stories from John Hickey, Larry Stone, Larry LaRue, Lookout Landing. Yes, I’m aware that my name appears in these stories; it’s an honor to be considered. 
  • The Larry Stone link immediately above also includes the Seattle Times story on the Rainiers ownership situation.
  • On the field, the Mariners re-signed catcher Josh Bard to a minor league contract with an invite to spring training. This is the same type of deal Bard had last year – and he spent very little time in Tacoma. Look for Bard to battle Adam Moore for the Mariners back-up catcher job.
  • Some former Rainiers who are minor league free agents have signed with other clubs: catcher Guillermo Quiroz signed with the San Diego Padres, and infielder Tug Hulett joined the Colorado Rockies. Quiroz will battle Rob Johnson for the Padres back-up catcher job.
  • Longtime prospect analyst John Sickels posted his Seattle Mariners Top 20 Prospects list.
  • In the PCL, New Orleans announced that former Mariners and Rainiers player Greg Norton will be the manager this season. Norton became interim manager midway through last year when Edwin Rodriguez was promoted to the Florida Marlins.
  • Check out this short video of the homeless man with the perfect radio voice. Apparently the Cleveland Cavaliers have offered him a voiceover job – and thank goodness, because you would not believe how many of my co-workers “joked” that I was about to lose my job to this man.

Speaking of radio, a kid named Josh Feldman just got a play-by-play job with a Class-A team in the South Atlantic League. Here, he raps his intro and starting lineups. Very creative – should I try this? I wouldn’t rap it – I can’t copy Feldman, and I’m not a big hip-hop fan anyway – so I guess I would scream my open and lineups, 1980s punk style. Or perhaps I should sing-speak them, like my hero Malkmus. Wait a minute – what about wailing the lineups, hair metal style?

* talk about being outclassed – aside from being a professional, the TNT photographer is apparently willing to climb a light standard, in icy conditions, to get a shot. No thanks! 


10 Responses to Rainiers News

  1. Rainierfan says:

    I know it is a delicate situation for the Mariners but, I think you should get the job, you deserve it. Anyone who has listened to the Rainiers over the last couple of years would probably agree. Keep up the good work Mike and best of luck to you. I look forward to listening to you call games this year either in Seattle or Tacoma.

  2. stan says:

    I think the Mariners will be making a big mistake if they don’t bring in a replacement for Dave this year. The thought that whoever succeeds Dave will not be accepted is frankly ludicrous. If Dave had been fired a la Ernie Harwell I think there would be a reaction against the new guy no matter how good he might be, but with Dave’s death, I can’t imagine that happening. I hope that the Mariners hire a professional broadcaster, not a former player who has no broadcasting skills. There are a few ex-players who are capable broadcasters such as Alan Ashby with the Jays and Duane Kuiper with the Giants, but the ex-players the Mariners have had in the booth the past few years not only don’t add anything to the broadcast, they detract from it. If the radio broadcasters next year are Rick Rizzs paired with Jay Buhner or Dan Wilson or Dave Henderson or Dave Valle, I won’t be listening to Mariner games in 2011.

  3. Michael says:

    Hey Mike
    what the latest with some guys who played with Tacoma last yr as they hit minor league free agency is their any news on Brad Nelson? Chris woodward? Eliezer Alfonso? Vazquez, Ramon? Billy Traber? Mark worrell? Joe Nelson? Palazzolo, Steve? Littleton, Wes? Speigner, Levale?

    do you keep in touch with any of them if are they with another team?? Stil playing ball somewhere?

    If Tacoma Rainers get sold what will Nick lacey get out the deal as a minority owner. Will he still be able to still be minority owner with new ownership??

  4. Michael says:

    thought their good chance bard will be with Tacoma as Adam Moore has nothing more to prove in minors.

  5. Al says:

    Can someone give me the current Baseball America Top 30 list with rankings from 11 to 30. I’ve got the first 10 names.

    • Mike Curto says:

      I don’t believe it’s out yet. They release that in book form, in their Prospect Handbook. Mine is on order – I think it comes out in March.

  6. Mark says:

    I hope new ownership will look at ticket prices and parking. The Rainiers have totally locked out the walk-up market. If a Dad wants to bring his son to a game it’s virtually impossible. No place to park. Although I have utilized the Gold Club many times in the last couple of years, it has made me become less of a fan because now I miss so much of the game socializing.

    • Mike Curto says:

      I think nothing shy of a hostile takeover of the Foss High School football field will improve the parking situation. It just is what it is.

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