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Just because I don’t have anything interesting to write today doesn’t mean that nobody else does. Let’s go to the links:

  • According to multiple unofficial reports, the Mariners elected not to tender a contract offer to arbitration-eligible Jose Lopez, making the former Rainiers infielder a free agent. Jason Churchill runs down some possible scenarios, and Geoff Baker writes about it, too.
  • At The News Tribune, Larry LaRue gives an update on several Mariners and Rainiers playing in winter leagues.
  • Oklahoma City officially introduced Tony DeFrancesco as manager. Now that he’s managing National League style, I’m officially predicting that Tony D will lead the PCL in double-switches.
  • Sacramento’s new skipper is Darren Bush, who is a young guy (36) up from Class-AA. A big move for him – this might be the only Triple-A managerial post that includes massive pressure from all sides to win. Sacramento also has new coaches – long-time pitching coach Rick Rodriguez, a former Tacoma Tiger, got promoted to major league bullpen coach.
  • Las Vegas announced that their new manager is Marty “Don’t Call Me Daren” Brown. Marty replaces former Rainiers skipper Dan Rohn, who parted ways with the Toronto Blue Jays organization after the 2010 season. My most recent update on Rohn was “don’t bother him – he’s deer hunting.”
  • This is getting a lot of play on the internet because it deserves it: a baseball card blogger photoshopped Derek Jeter’s head onto an upcoming 2011 Topps Heritage card for each of the 30 Major League teams. Want to see what Derek Jeter looks like as a Pittsburgh Pirate? Here is your answer! (hat tip to Larry Stone for finding this)
  • For minor league baseball fans, this looks like an interesting book.
  • When he’s not doing political commentary, Keith Olbermann is an amateur baseball historian. This blog post on the 1894 Temple Cup, with photos, provides a unique look at baseball in the early days.

I started doing my research for an upcoming post on the 1969 Tacoma Cubs – the last outright PCL champions from Tacoma prior to 2010. Looking at old newspaper articles can be fun, but it so easy to get sidetracked!


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