The Giants Are Champs

San Francisco won its first ever World Series Championship last night with a 3-1 victory over Texas, taking the series in five games.

It was Renton native Tim Lincecum who starred yesterday, out-dueling Cliff Lee over eight nearly flawless innings.

In the end, the Giants pitching was just too much for the Rangers. In a five-game series, San Francisco tossed two shutouts and had another game allowing just one run.

It’s a special day in San Francisco – a city that has never had a World Series winner, despite having a team since 1958.

I enjoyed this series. I always like it when a new team wins, and this year that was a guarantee regardless who won it. I also enjoy it when young players are key components, and again that was the case with both teams. And on top of all of that, it’s great to see a local player shine. The only thing missing was a former Rainiers player in the mix.

San Francisco needed 52 years to win a World Series. Seattle has had a team for 34 years without winning it all. Hopefully we can win one without having to wait as long as San Francisco did!

Lots of links today:

  • Tim Lincecum was The Man yesterday, and he was the subject of a national piece from ESPN.
  • For the second time in his career, Edgar Renteria had the World Series-winning hit.
  • The Giants think that their young pitching will give them a chance to return to the World Series soon.
  • Talented writers working on deadline amaze me. Jim Caple turned out this gem following last night’s game. At the end of the story, Caple provides a look at how sports journalists sort of – but not really – stop being fans.
  • Hey, there’s Mariners news, too! Geoff Baker has an update on the Mariners coaching staff.
  • Dustin Ackley is putting up big numbers in the Arizona Fall League, but he hasn’t been stealing bases like the M’s want him to. Kirby Arnold has the story.
  • The second-best pitcher in Japan is coming to the USA. Larry Stone doubts that the Mariners will be interested.
  • Former Tacoma Rainiers pitching coach Ron Romanick got the Oakland job.
  • Pacific Coast League Hall of Fame member Artie Wilson passed away Sunday at age 90. Wilson is an interesting story on many levels – Larry Stone wrote about how he mentored Willie Mays, and his obit in The Oregonian focused on Wilson’s life in Portland.
  • Speaking of Mays, here is his reaction to the Giants win.
  • Baseball Prospectus has a free Q&A with Toronto Blue Jays radio announcer Jerry Howarth. Howarth talks about the two seasons he called games for the Tacoma Twins (1974-75), and how it was his Triple-A manager who helped him break into the major leagues.

Only three and a half months until pitchers and catchers report to spring training!


One Response to The Giants Are Champs

  1. stan says:

    Thanks for the link to the Jerry Howarth interview. I spoke to Jerry a few years ago over the phone, mostly about his years in Tacoma. He is a very nice man. I was stationed at Ft Lewis in 1974 and I am sure I must have listened to him at least a few times on the air, but to be truthful I don’t really remember him as a Tacoma broadcaster. In the early 90’s a radio station in Vancouver BC carried Jays games and one day I took my portable radio to Cheney Stadium and turned up the volume right before the start of a Tacoma Tigers game when Jerry was doing the play by play of the 8th inning from Toronto. I wrote to him to let him know that his voice was heard once again in Cheney Stadium. Jerry got a kick out of my letter and mentioned it to his dear friend
    Don Hill, former broadcaster for the Tacoma Giants and Cubs, and I think maybe a year or so for the Twins. Lo and behold I got a call from Don Hill shortly thereafter, telling me that Jerry had received my letter and had enjoyed what I wrote. I spoke to Don for a few minutes. Looking back I wish I had talked with him longer.

    If anyone has any tapes of play by play by either Don or Jerry when they were in Tacoma, I hope that they will send the recordings to Mike so that he can share them with us. (Hope you don’t mind that bit of solicitation Mike)

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