And The Winner Will Be…

… well… uh… I dunno.

Texas is the slight favorite according to the people who are paid to determine such things – specifically, Nevada bookmakers.

Texas clearly has the better lineup – this is not open to debate; there is no need to even discuss it.

San Francisco clearly has the better starting rotation depth, but Texas has Mr. Lee at the top.

San Francisco has the better bullpen. Texas closer Neftali Feliz has electric stuff, but he can be very erratic – as you might expect from a 22-year-old. The Giants bullpen is older and more reliable, and we all saw how Brian Wilson was lights out in the NLCS, even nailing down five-out saves like Mariano.

So who’s going to win?

In my mind, it’s all going to come down to this: can the Giants – and namely, Tim Lincecum – beat Mr. Lee one time in this series? If I’m Ron Washington, I’m going to start Lee in games 1, 4, and 7 – with those last two starts on three days rest. This is the World Series, and this is the time to do that. If Mr. Lee goes 3-0, then Texas needs just one other win. But if the Giants can get Lee one time, everything shifts in favor of SF.

Something to consider: the Giants don’t need to start Lincecum three times – especially if Timmy shocks the world and beats Lee tonight in Game One. Bruce Bochy was willing to start Madison Bumgarner in the fourth game of the NLCS, and I think he’d probably do it again in the Series – as long as the Giants aren’t down 3-0.

I think this has a chance to be a very tight, exciting series.

Some links:

  • Fun box scores: Cliff Lee’s one career start at Cheney Stadium, and Tim Lincecum’s one game at Cheney. Notice who took the loss in the Lincecum game – dude needed a beard back then.
  • In an entertaining column that includes gratuitous potshots at the Yankees, John McGrath picks the Giants.
  • In his preview column, Larry Stone decided to stick the knife into the belly of Mariners fans, and then twist it around some. Gee thanks, Larry, we really needed that.
  • Cliff Lee doesn’t have a whole lot of respect for the Giants lineup.
  • Did you like the Choose Your Own Adventure books when you were a kid? Well, why not choose your own path to the world series? I hope you do better than me – I got fired.
  • These are the coolest nuns ever.

I guess I have to make a pick, huh? OK. Giants in six, with all four wins by two runs or less.


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  1. I think they all end with me getting fired.

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