The National League Is Easy

Easy to predict, anyway. I nailed both series in my “Sure To Be Wrong MLB Playoff Predictions” – not just picking the winners, but getting the number of games right, too.

Yeah, the NL is easy.

The American League? Not so much. The Yankees swept my upset pick in a lopsided series. On top of that, Texas is well positioned to win game five against my pick Tampa Bay tonight, with Cliff Lee on the mound.

Hopefully the NLCS and ALCS will provide more drama. The Yankees and Phillies won so easily it wasn’t even exciting. The Braves-Giants series was tense, with close games every night, and of course this Tampa-Texas series has gone the distance.

I’m back from vacation and ready to get things started again here. My upcoming posts will be a look back at the 1969 Tacoma Cubs (the last Tacoma team to win an outright Pacific Coast League championship), and a photo-blog of the early stages of the Cheney Stadium renovation.

Both of these will require some research: one requires a trip to the Northwest Room at the downtown Tacoma library, and the other involves a hard-hat and a guide. Weather will dictate which comes first.

Meanwhile, the Mariners are hiring a manager. Ryan Divish has the latest scoop at The News Tribune, and Larry Stone has more from the Seattle Times.

Neither of the above writers believe that Daren Brown is a candidate for the job, although neither writer has provided a source for that opinion. However, if the M’s are going forward with a youth movement, isn’t Brown the most qualified candidate? I’d think he would interview quite well, too. And let’s not forget that his teams have won at almost every stop of his minor league managerial career.

The Amarillo, TX newspaper ran a story on Brown – in which we learn that Brown was valedictorian of his 13-student high school class. I am withholding many, many jokes about this – just in case he ends up managing in Tacoma again next year; I need to save my ammo.


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  1. Michael says:

    if daren brown doesn’t get the job which is most likely than will he be back at Tacoma or will he be let go like Dan Rohn did as it almost like the same situation..

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