A Few Interesting Mariners Stories

We had a rare day in which a lot of interesting things happened on the field in the Mariners game yesterday. So, let’s hit the links:

  • In The News Tribune, Larry LaRue got lots of Ichiro quotes in his Mariners game story.
  • Larry Stone analyzed Ichiro’s ten straight 200-hit seasons, and he wondered how many career hits Ichiro is capable of?
  • John McGrath also wrote about Ichiro. The losses are clearly getting to Johnny Mac.
  • Stone also wrote that by taking a 1-0 loss, Felix Hernandez may have helped his Cy Young candidacy. Jeff Sullivan at Lookout Landing agrees.
  • Even Buster Olney took a break from the pennant races and wrote about yesterday’s M’s-Jays game.
  • Larry LaRue caught up with former Rainiers pitcher Brandon Morrow.
  • The Mariners had the #6 and #18 prospects in the Appalachian League. Ramon Morla got a lot of mentions this season while I was doing the daily Mariners Farm Report in my pre-game show. On this list, Morla is surrounded by first round draft picks.
  • Here is a great story – from the grave, Bing Crosby has made a tremendous contribution to baseball history. This New York Times piece is highly enjoyable reading.
  • In the PCL, Round Rock promoted Dave Fendrick to take over as team president, and they hired former Nashville general manager George King as GM.

Busy news day in Mariners Land!

2 Responses to A Few Interesting Mariners Stories

  1. Merrill says:

    Hey, Mike, good job. I enjoyed your final call…

    …however, as a Lakewood boy living overseas (no, don’t think military! I’m not nearly so honorable or tough…), it’s your blog posts and game stories I’ve most appreciated.

    They may be interesting afterthoughts (and hopefully extra cash–was that the sound of you falling off your chair laughing?) to you, but for me they’ve been absolutely awesome ever since I discovered them this year. I think you’ve done a great, great, job, and I’m professionally trained as a print journalist–you know how snotty they can be toward broadcast journalism/-lists.

    Kudos on a fantastic, much-appreciated performance this season!

    Gratefully yours,

    Merrill Danford

  2. Merrill says:

    …oh, and by the by, that “hit the links” comment is priceless–platinum stuff! I’m not being sarcastic, it cracked me up…

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