PCL Champs vs. Toronto Blue Jays

Well, it’s my first day of the off-season, and here I am waiting for my car to be repaired while watching the 2010 Pacific Coast League champions (with ringers at starting pitcher and right field) take on the Toronto Blue Jays.

I’m also surfing the net, and found a few baseball links for you:

  • The News Tribune had a story about the final round of call-ups.
  • At the Seattle Times site, the level-headed Larry Stone put up a Josh Lueke poll. I voted “yes” for the exact same reasons as Mr. Stone.
  • I have worked in basebal my entire professional life, and this is the first time I’ve ever heard of a player undergoing “bunion surgery.” I’ll admit it, I LOLed.
  • Oakland rookie Chris Carter hit his first major league home run. I’ve been predicting stardom for Carter ever since he launched four HRs against Tacoma in four playoff games for Sacramento in 2009.

My final out call for the PCL championship is now available at www.tacomarainiers.com right on the homepage, under the “Multimedia” tab below the main story box. I’m happy with the call – it’s one of those thing that you think about before the game even starts, but you can’t rehearse it, and you can’t plan ahead what you are going to say – you will simply sound phoney if you do that. As an announcer, all you can do is react, and hope it comes out OK.

3 Responses to PCL Champs vs. Toronto Blue Jays

  1. Beau says:

    Hi Mike. FYI: I had trouble listening to the “final call” audio. It is mangled and unlistenable, at least on my computer. I tried both Firefox and IE.

  2. stan says:

    Hi Mike,

    I listened all year, but listened more closely in the playoffs. You did a good job throughout.

    If I had a vote you would be getting a call up too. Seriously, Dave Sims is off doing football on Saturdays and Sundays. At the very least, you should be doing Mariner games those days at least.

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