Broadcast Update

Well, the necessary repairs have not been made (although AT&T falsely claimed they “fixed it”), but it looks like the hard-working folks at Clear Channel have come up with an alternative solution.

South Sound Sports 850 AM will pick up the feed of the Sacramento River Cats broadcast featuring their outstanding RG, Johnny Doskow. In turn, I’ll sit in with him on the air to make sure he keeps the broadcast fair and balanced*. There might be a few hiccups technically, but we should be able to get it done. Looks like we’ll be doing the same thing for tomorrow’s 11:35 aM game, too.

* actually, I intend to slip in some anti-River Cats propaganda.


2 Responses to Broadcast Update

  1. JimO says:

    enjoying listening to you do play by play with the Sacramento guy. You need and deserve a good sidekick.

    Pineda is dealing.

  2. Michael says:

    A question how long is Steven Shell out for and when will he be back? Seem like the guy would have good season this year and maybe catch eye of M’s

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