Be Back Tuesday

Folks, I’m leaving town for a few days and because the laptop does not go to Vegas, the next post won’t come until Tuesday.

On Tuesday I’ll cover the first base situation – and I’ll also sort through my scorebook from last year, so we can re-live the game when Daren Brown had six first basemen in the starting line-up. I recall he had a first baseman playing left field, right field, third base, second base, DH, and of course first base.

This season, we’ll find out if Jack Z truly enjoys collecting Triple-A first basemen, or if that was a one-year aberration.

2 Responses to Be Back Tuesday

  1. Ben says:

    @ this point, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tui @ 1st base. .. Can’t wait to read MikeC.

  2. Michael says:

    Tui will be playing with Seattle most likely wont be back with Tacoma Rainers since Beltre is gone that open the door for Tui.


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