Test, test – Is this thing on?


Whoa! Too loud – sorry!

And on that note, welcome to the newest feature of the Tacoma Rainiers website: the Mike… Off-Mic blog.

In this space I will be sharing my observations and insights throughout the 2010 season. Once the season begins, I will post daily thoughts regarding the Tacoma Rainiers and the Pacific Coast League. There will be a variety of types of posts: series previews, game analysis, roster moves, updated starting rotations, prospect reports, and some general items from around the PCL and the Seattle Mariners organization.

And since I travel with the team, there will certainly be some “life on the road” items that will come up often. I’ll try to keep those stories funny and interesting, which means no boring complaints about airlines and hotels. That being said, I am sure there will be at least one epic travel-related blow-up post.

I go to spring training on March 28 and the daily posts will begin at that time. Up until then, I will chime in occasionally as the Tacoma Rainiers 2010 opening day roster begins to take shape.

At the start we are going to leave comments open, and I invite you to ask questions or simply comment on posts. There are only two rules: Keep it clean, and be nice (that’s actually one more rule than former Rainiers manager Dan Rohn had for the entire team – his rule, scrawled on a cocktail napkin, was “be on time”).

I’ll try to answer questions when I can. Also, I’ll be collecting questions for a FAQ that will be posted at some future date.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll try to weigh in with some “names to know for 2010” early next week.

Thanks for checking out the site!


19 Responses to Test, test – Is this thing on?

  1. Michael says:

    Hi Mike
    I have question, do you have info on if the Tacoma rainers will have many former MLB players beside the guys that Mariners brought in.

    • Mike Curto says:

      Michael, the minor league free agents with MLB experience who are in camp include Chad Cordero, Steven Shell, Leval Speignor, Eliezer Alfonzo, Josh Bard, Josh Wilson, Chris Woodward, and Corey Patterson. Many of those guys could end up with the Rainiers.

  2. Guy says:

    Assuming that at the end of Barry Bonds’ SFG contract he still had the skills to perform at a high productive level (and I’m thinking .285 AVG, 35-40 HR’s, etc.), why wasn’t he signed by another club? This reminds me of what happened to Rod Carew at the end of his career: he was still a productive ball player but never managed to catch on with another team.

    • Mike Curto says:

      Guy, a little google search on “Barry Bonds + Balco” of “Barry Bonds + grand jury” or “Barry Bonds + media circus” or even “Barry Bonds + clubhouse cancer” will reveal exactly why he was not signed.

  3. Ben says:

    Mike, what’s the word on televised games in 2010?

    • Mike Curto says:

      Not sure yet, Ben. There will be an announcement eventually. I know that the new stadium design will be much more TV-friendly from a production standpoint – but that’s not until 2011.

  4. olymaryg says:

    Hey Mike,
    So happy you have a blog.
    As much as I’d miss you, would be happier if you got the big ‘call up’ to be the Ms broadcaster though.

    That aside, have you seen this news from Baseball America (http://www.baseballamerica.com/blog/business/?p=301) about the Beavers potentially ‘temporarily’ relocating to Tucson? I’ve got a sinking feeling that minor league clubs don’t really move ‘temporarily’ and that if they go, they won’t be coming back. Whatdya think?

    • Mike Curto says:

      Yeah, that’s an unusual situation down there. The PCL wants Portland, but the Beavers owner decided major league soccer (don’t get me started…) is better business. They are converting PGE Park into a soccer-only stadium after this baseball season, leaving the Beavers homeless. The Beavers are trying to get a new ballpark built but unless they get started soon, it won’t be ready by April 2011. I hope all of this doesn’t end with the team permanently moving away but I’m afraid that might happen.

      • There was some rumbling a while back that the Beavers might move across the river to Vancouver, if the Mayor of Vancouver could secure some stadium funding (which, IIRC, he favored). Hopefully, the “temporary” part of a move to Tucson is only until something like this can be worked out….

  5. 200tang says:

    Just saw the link to this site on USSM and just thought I’d let you know I’ll definitely be reading. Good luck with the blog.

  6. Jeremy says:

    Welcome to the world of blogging Mike! Look forward to visiting here often!

  7. Michael says:

    hey mike thanks for the reply, thought who is Leval Speignor? I never heard of him..

  8. John says:


    Do you have an RSS feed set up yet? I must be blind…

  9. diderot says:

    Although your promised restraint concerning ‘on-the-road’ complaints is admirable, I do think it would be very insightful to talk occasionally about what off the field life is like for Triple A players compared to their major league counterparts.
    Also, first-hand opinions on opposing players who may one day wind up playing against the M’s in the AL west would be great.

  10. germpod says:

    I am looking forward to reading your blog as the season goes on. I am quite excited.

  11. Haynes says:

    Best of luck with the blog this season! I’m looking forward to keeping up with you and the Rainiers all summer. I agree with diderot’s comment above and would be interested in any insights you can share about coaching and management challenges in AAA vs. the majors.

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