The Cat?

I read somewhere that Mariners hitting prospect Vinnie Catricala has been called “Vinnie The Cat.” Not sure if I’m going to go with that on the air – what do you think?

Regardless, Catricala was the subject of a feature story in The News Tribune today, and there are a lot of good nuggets in it – you can read it right here.

The two big things I got out of this story are:

  1. It seems that the Mariners want to continue looking at him at third base, to a point where he worked on it during the off-season.
  2. The major league manager is talking about how the ball jumps off his bat.

The first point further muddies the Tacoma third base situation – I have no idea how that’s going to shake out – and the second point is just going to be fun. I’m looking forward to watching this guy hit.


  • Congratulations to Larry LaRue, the first reporter to notice the “sartorial splendor” of Forrest Snow. Forrest had no trouble¬†complying with the Tacoma Rainiers road trip dress code, unlike most players called up from Single-A. In this story: Rainiers manager Daren Brown turns up in the media for the first time this spring.
  • From Larry Stone, we have more reports on the outstanding condition of Franklin Gutierrez.
  • Apparently new infielder Munenori Kawasaki is rather loud – Geoff Baker called him Brendan Ryan’scosmic Japanese twin.”
  • Speaking of Ryan, it appears he may have some shoulder issues.
  • Baker also has a blog post on how the Mariners starting nine is all set.
  • Bud Selig says that the international draft is “inevitable.”
  • Looking for a quick baseball chuckle? Check out Carl Willis giving his¬†“Sermon On The Mound.”

I’m taking off on a brief preseason vacation, and there will be no blog update on Monday. We’ll be back on Wednesday with a look at the Tacoma starting pitching candidates.

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One Response to The Cat?

  1. Jim o says:

    Actually they call him “Cat the Bat”. Interested in hearing your opinion of his defense

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